Sunday, January 8, 2012

Candlelight and a reciprocating saw

So, Saturday the 7th was our first official date night, and it was my responsibility to come up with an idea. Feeling a little pressure to shoot for the sky, I decided to get out some items I'd purchased earlier in 2011, but that we'd never had the opportunity to try.

I consider myself to be a very open minded, sexually liberal person (hence the blog), but these items were a bit of a stretch even for me. I was uneasy, and much of that unease was based on how little exposure there was on my part in employing them.

Based on our experience I know Leigh is often a fan of fast paced, forceful pumping action, so when I came across a deal online for an adaptor that would allow my reciprocating saw to be fitted with a dildo it was an easy purchase to make. The items arrived separately, in fact I was concerned the adaptor itself might never arrive because when the dildo came in, the shipping form indicated the adaptor was on back order. (Must be a popular item.) But it showed up a couple of weeks later. Both items sat in their respective packaging, examined but unused, until just last night.

The adaptor is a piece of flat metal, cut and punched to fit just like a reciprocating saw blade. But on one end is a cylindrical stainless steel plug, with ridges. This plug is the positive that fits into any number of negatives molded into the bottom of a line of devices designed to work together.

Unbeknownst to Leigh, I snuck the saw into the bedroom before shutting off the lights and lighting the tea candles running along the headboard.

Our encounter started much like any other, we were both naked in bed, embracing, touching, and generally enjoying each others company. Kissing lead to fondling, and Leigh took the initiative to climb on top of me. Watching her on top of me, naked in the candlelight, gently pinching her nipples and rocking back and forth, cut through my endurance in less than average time. It didn't help that I knew we had something more to come.

As she snuggled on top of me I chuckled. She pulled up and asked what was so funny. I explained I was laughing at myself and my lack of staying power, but also because I had an experiment up my sleeve. I mentioned the adaptor. And she was instantly game to try it out.

It took a few minutes, a quick flip of the light switch to properly read the instructions, several drops of lube into the dildo before sliding it onto the plug, and tah dah! I had transformed my home improvement implement into a sex toy. While assembling the pieces it occurred to me too late that I probably should have carefully cleaned the sawdust out of it ahead of time.

Leigh lay on her back. I stood by the side of the bed, close to an outlet, and imagined what a wonderful Christmas card photo this scene would make. She said she was ready. I gently inserted the tip of the dildo, a pink jelly vibe that did not resemble any part of human anatomy. Then I put in a little more. Leigh indicated it was too deep so I pulled back. I asked if she was ready again. She said yes. I gently pulled the trigger.

It was at this point that I learned the saw did not have a slow start-up similar to my cordless drill. If I squeeze the drill trigger just a bit, it starts turning very slowly. I thought I'd be able to apply this strategy with the saw. Nope. It's either on or off at full speed. The initial movement startled both of us. Leigh with sensation, and me with concern that I would injure her. She asked me to stop. Then start again. This time I intentionally fired a short burst and stopped. She exhaled and asked me to go again. I depressed the trigger longer, let go, and then pulled it again, trying to simulate a cycle of on and off that would modulate the speed.

We went back and forth for several minutes. The sensations shifting between too intense and just right for Leigh. When we were both comfortable with the ins and outs (pun intended) she pulled her go to vibrator (one with a long narrow vibrating tip) out of the bedside drawer, and placed it on her clit as I was working the saw.

What resulted was a thunderous shuddering of her body and a vociferous release from her lungs. After several moments, she asked me to stop, and then she relaxed and started catching her breath.

"How was it? Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah," she sighed. "It was weird. I kept feeling like I was just about to orgasm, and then like I just had, over and over."

"Both good feelings?" I confirmed. She responded in the positive.

After Leigh composed herself she got up to go to the bathroom and I went to fetch the vacuum cleaner to clean up the drift of sawdust that fell out of the blade housing onto my side of the bed. We both slept well that night.

I asked Leigh today how her vagina felt and she said it was fine. Although she did admit she was concerned it might be sore today, much as I had. So far, so good.

By chance, we ended up at a home improvement store today. I made a brief suggestion that we look through the tool section but Leigh made it clear we would not be buying a new saw, even if it did come with speed control.

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  1. Amazing story.. I was going to look into adapting my saw and I ran across this blog. Well written I must add. So is she completely against it now, are you still using it?